Best Foyer Lighting for a Great First Impression

The foyer is the first space your guests will interact with when they get into your home. As such, it should leave a lasting and admirable impression. Most homeowners find the process of sprucing up the entryways daunting and overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be. One of the best ways to upgrade the look of your entryway is installing light fixtures. Selecting the right foyer lighting can make your home’s atmosphere warm and welcoming. However, the numerous options available in the market can be confusing. So, how do you make the right pick?

This article will guide you on how to select the best foyer lighting for your home.

Light Size and Style

Cora Contemporary Foyer Chandelier

Homes featuring high ceilings and modern architecture typically work well with larger light fixtures. The design tends to draw your attention to it allowing you to admire the home’s style. The Cora chandelier is a great option for this architecture. Its intricate design also helps the lighting fixture function as an art piece for the home. But, if you prefer a toned-down option that’s still remarkable, you can select a contemporary yet minimalistic light fixture. This light pendant’s sleek design makes it a versatile option for most foyer styles.

Integrate Accent Lighting

Hilda Crystal Wall Sconce Lighting  Seus Lighting

You can use larger-sized foyer lighting fixtures to primarily illuminate the space. But, accent lights are crucial in balancing the atmosphere. Apart from providing more illumination, they add a unique warmth and glow to your foyer. This makes the space more welcoming to your guests. The shimmery crystals and high luminance level of the Hilda wall sconce can be an excellent option.

Basic Guideline for Your Foyer Lighting

 Even with the right foyer lighting, you need to hire lighting experts for the best installation. Listed below are a few tips you can apply for the best results. They come in handy for homeowners who choose to DIY this project.

Determine the Right Diameter

The foyer lighting you choose to install should blend in well with the area size. To correctly do this, you’ll need to first measure the length and width of your entryway and sum them up. Convert the value into inches. The sum offers the correct sizing of your chandelier diameter.

Get the Correct Hanging Height and Length

Homeowners whose ceilings are 10 feet tall should ensure that the foyer light fixtures are at least seven feet above the floor. As a general rule of thumb, you should leave a foot of ceiling height for every three inches of chandelier height. For ceilings above ten feet tall, the fixture should be away from your foyer’s floor. Also, ensure that the placement doesn’t affect the door at least two-thirds swing and adjust accordingly.

Select the Right Wattage

The best way to calculate the ideal wattage for your foyer light fixture is by multiplying its total square feet by 1.5. Alternatively, you can install a light with a higher wattage and use a dimmer switch to easily adjust the ambiance to your liking. Keep in mind that the light color can affect your foyer’s atmosphere.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You should be able to easily reach your foyer light and clean it. Proper maintenance helps improve its longevity. It’s best to pick a foyer light that won’t be difficult to maintain or require a high cost to keep clean. Check fixture maintenance instructions and guidelines in the manual before committing.

Benefits of Installing Foyer Lighting

Most homeowners often ignore the foyer due to its typically small area size. This shouldn’t be the case. Given that it’s the first and last space that guests interact with when visiting your home, the atmosphere should be warm and welcoming. Listed below are some of the benefits of good foyer lighting.

Gives the Foyer a Face Lift

If you’re looking for a way to accentuate your foyer’s architecture, installing light fixtures is it. The light helps to showcase your décor better and creates a warm ambiance that’s inviting for guests. Installing foyer lighting is a great way to brighten up the space.

Mood Setting

Different light temperatures can create different moods. Blue lights are more suitable for spaces like study rooms. For foyers, soft white lights are preferred. They help create a more relaxed environment. Warm lights typically feature a low color temperature number. The lower you go, the warmer the light is.

Accessorize Your Entryway

Wayuu Rice Paper Floor Lamp Seus Lighting

Installing foyer lights is an excellent way of eliminating blank spaces in your entryway. Bare walls can make a home appear uninviting. Placing lights in between the spaces helps add depth and dimension. Adding floor lamps in the foyer like this Japanese-themed fixture is also a great way to avoid gaps. It’s also helpful in capturing the guests’ attention with your style.

Enhance Utilization of Small Spaces

Elizza Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier Seus Lighting

Light fixtures come in clutch for homeowners who want to brighten up their small spaces. Homeowners whose homes have low ceilings should install chandeliers that don’t hang. A good option is the Elizza crystal chandelier which helps create the illusion of taller ceilings. You can use wall sconces for areas with no additional spaces for floor lamps.


Why should you calculate the chandelier diameter?

Incorrect light sizing can make a space appear either too cramped or large and overwhelming. Your visitors need to feel welcomed. Correct chandelier measurements will help you achieve this.

How many lights should you place in a foyer?

This is dependent on the size of your entryway. Consulting a professional will help you obtain the best results.

Can you install a statement light in the foyer?

Yes. This is especially helpful in homes with poor natural light. A unique chandelier can make for a great conversation starter with your guests.

Elevate Your Space With Quality Lighting

The foyer is an often overlooked area in the home. Your entryway lighting isn’t just designed to illuminate your space. It’s also a testament to the unspoken values you hold. It’s best to always engage professionals when selecting a lighting design for your foyer. They can correctly advise on the size, luminance levels, and hanging heights of the fixtures depending on your preference and home architecture.  Always remember that our home’s foyer defines your personality, style, and overall aesthetics. So, what do you want it to show?

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