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Tina Green French Style Flower Chandelier

Tina Green French Style Flower Chandelier

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Immerse yourself in the subtle grace of the Tina Green French Style Flower Chandelier, an exquisite addition to your home that combines flair with functionality. This chandelier, with its frosted glass shades shaped like delicate flowers, brings a soft and organic feel to any interior. Available in configurations of 7 or 9 lights, it can illuminate both cozy corners and spacious rooms with ease.

Choose from warm white or cold white lighting to perfectly complement the mood you wish to set. Warm white light adds a cozy, comforting glow, ideal for evenings spent relaxing in the living room or bedroom. In contrast, cold white light refreshes a space, bringing clarity and brightness that enhances every detail of your decor.


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  • What unique design elements does the Tina Green French Style Flower Chandelier incorporate?
  • The Tina Green Chandelier is uniquely designed with frosted glass shades shaped like delicate flowers, adding a subtle grace and organic feel to any space. This floral motif offers a soft and elegant visual appeal, making the chandelier not just a source of light but a significant decorative piece that complements the aesthetics of the room.
  • How does the choice between warm white and cold white lighting affect the ambiance of a room?
  • The chandelier provides options for warm white or cold white lighting, allowing you to tailor the ambiance to your preference. Warm white light creates a cozy, comforting glow, perfect for relaxing settings such as living rooms or bedrooms. Cold white light, on the other hand, offers clarity and brightness, enhancing the vibrancy and detail of your decor, making it suitable for areas where tasks are performed or where you want to highlight certain aspects of your space.
  • In what types of rooms is the Tina Green Chandelier most effectively used?
  • With the option of 7 or 9 lights, the Tina Green Chandelier is versatile enough to illuminate both small and large spaces effectively. This flexibility makes it ideal for a variety of settings, including cozy corners, spacious living rooms, bedrooms, and even formal areas like dining rooms where a touch of elegance and sophistication is desired.
  • Can the Tina Green Chandelier be considered a transformative piece of decor?
  • Absolutely, the Tina Green Chandelier transcends mere functionality by acting as a transformative piece of decor. It infuses daily living spaces with a serene and sophisticated atmosphere, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your environment. The floral design and lighting options contribute significantly to the mood and style of the room, making the chandelier a central figure in home decor.
  • Why would someone choose the Tina Green French Style Flower Chandelier for their home?
  • Someone might choose this chandelier for its unique blend of charm and functionality. It is perfect for those who value serenity and style equally and wish to incorporate an element of tranquility and refined taste into their home. The chandelier’s ability to blend seamlessly into various interior designs while providing customizable lighting options makes it an excellent choice for enhancing the quality and ambiance of living spaces.

Length x Width:

7 Lights: 28.50” ( 65 cm ) x 17.54” ( 40 cm )

9 Lights: 35.08” ( 80 cm )  x 21.93” ( 50 cm )

Lighting Area:

15-30 m²

Warranty : 1 years


Light Source: LED Bulbs

Item Type: Ceiling Lights, Chandelier

Installation Type: Chain Pendant

Shade Type: Frosted Glass

Style: French

Is Bulbs Included: Yes

Is Dimmable: No

Body Material: Iron


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