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Spiral Round Scandinavian Chandelier for Staircase

Spiral Round Scandinavian Chandelier for Staircase

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Enhance your space with the Spiral Round Scandinavian Chandelier, designed specifically for areas with high ceilings such as staircases, living rooms, and foyers. This chandelier fits effortlessly into duplex homes and villas, bringing Scandinavian design into any setting.

Sophisticated Design: Available in black or rich copper, this chandelier meshes seamlessly with both modern and traditional interiors. Its spiral design offers a dynamic and eye-catching element, serving as a stunning centerpiece.

Versatile Lighting Configurations: Offered in 6, 10, 18, 24, and 30 light setups, the chandelier accommodates various spaces, ensuring adequate lighting from small gatherings to large rooms.

Customizable Lighting Atmosphere: With options for both warm and white light, this chandelier allows you to tailor the lighting mood to fit any occasion, enhancing the vibe from lively to calm.

Energy Efficiency: Featuring LED technology, this chandelier is not only a beautiful art piece but also an energy-saving fixture, providing sustainable and cost-effective illumination.


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  • What design elements make the Spiral Round Scandinavian Chandelier suitable for high ceiling spaces?
  • The chandelier's spiral design, available in black or rich copper finishes, offers a dynamic and visually engaging element that complements high ceilings. Its striking presence as a centerpiece enhances the aesthetic of spacious environments like staircases, living rooms, and foyers in duplex homes and villas.
  • How does the chandelier accommodate different space sizes and lighting needs?
  • Available in multiple configurations of 6, 10, 18, 24, and 30 lights, the chandelier can be tailored to suit various room sizes and lighting requirements. This flexibility ensures that it provides adequate illumination, whether it's for intimate settings or larger communal areas, making it highly versatile for residential or commercial spaces.
  • Can you customize the lighting atmosphere with the chandelier?
  • Yes, the chandelier offers options for both warm and white light, allowing you to customize the lighting atmosphere to match the mood of different occasions. This feature enables users to enhance the ambiance of a room, making it adaptable from lively social gatherings to tranquil personal spaces.
  • What are the benefits of the chandelier's LED technology?
  • The use of LED technology in the chandelier ensures energy efficiency, which is beneficial for reducing electricity costs and enhancing environmental sustainability. LED lights also provide long-lasting illumination, which reduces the frequency of bulb replacements and offers a durable lighting solution.
  • Why choose the Spiral Round Scandinavian Chandelier for your home or commercial space?
  • The Spiral Round Scandinavian Chandelier is an ideal choice for those who appreciate minimalist design paired with functional illumination. It not only serves as a beautiful art piece but also offers practical, energy-saving lighting. Its ability to fit into both modern and traditional interiors, along with its customizable light settings, makes it a versatile and appealing option for enhancing any high-ceiling space.

Length x Width:

6 Lights:  15.74” ( 40 cm )  78.74” ( 200 cm ) 

10 Lights: 19.68” ( 50 cm ) 118.11” ( 300 cm ) 

18 Lights: 27.56” ( 70 cm )  x 137.80” ( 350 cm ) 

24 Lights: 31.49” ( 80 cm ) x 157.48” ( 400 cm ) 

30 Lights: 35.43” ( 90 cm )  x 177.17” ( 450 cm ) 

Hanging Wire Size Adjustable

Lighting Area:

20-40 m²

Warranty : 1 years


Light Source: LED Bulbs

Base Type: Wedge

Item Type: Ceiling Lights, Chandelier, Pendant

Installation Type: Cord Pendant

Shade Type: Acrylic

Style: Modern

Body Material: Hardware iron

Is Bulbs Included: Yes

Is Dimmable: No


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