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Modern Gold Long Crystal Hanging Light Fixture for Staircase

Modern Gold Long Crystal Hanging Light Fixture for Staircase

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Modern Gold Long Crystal Hanging Light Fixture for Staircase is a dazzling addition to any architectural space, merging functionality with unrivaled elegance. This fixture is designed to enhance the ambiance of various settings, including lobbies, hotels, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchen islands, staircases, stairwells, foyers, entryways, duplex homes, and areas with high ceilings.

Offering a range of 6 to 50 light options, this versatile hanging light fixture can accommodate the lighting needs of both intimate and expansive spaces. Its spiral design, accentuated with crystals, cascades elegantly, creating a captivating visual display that draws the eye and adds a layer of sophistication to any environment.

Equipped with dimmable LED lighting, this fixture allows for easy adjustment between cool and warm light, enabling you to set the perfect tone and atmosphere to suit any mood or occasion. Whether you're aiming for a bright, invigorating light to energize a space or a softer, warmer glow for a cozy ambiance, this light fixture offers the flexibility to achieve your desired lighting effect.


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  • How does the Modern Gold Long Crystal Hanging Light Fixture enrich architectural spaces?
  • Integrating both practical illumination and striking aesthetics, this light fixture is crafted with a spiral design and accented with crystals, offering a visual spectacle. Its adaptability across 6 to 50 lighting options suits both cozy corners and vast areas, ensuring optimal illumination tailored to the scale of any environment.
  • What attributes make the Modern Gold Long Crystal Hanging Light Fixture versatile for various environments?
  • With its capability to adjust lighting from cool to warm tones, this fixture facilitates the creation of an ideal ambiance for any event or time of day. This adaptability, paired with its eye-catching spiral crystal design, renders it perfect for enhancing spaces ranging from residential to commercial, adding a touch of modern luxury.
  • Can you provide specifics on the Modern Gold Long Crystal Hanging Light Fixture's construction and setup?
  • This ceiling light, or chandelier, offers flush mount installation, simplifying integration into diverse architectural designs. It features a stainless steel body and a crystal lampshade in gold, embodying modern luxury. The fixture comes with LED bulbs, ensuring energy efficiency and is equipped with dimmable functionality for customizable lighting.
  • In what settings is the Modern Gold Long Crystal Hanging Light Fixture optimally utilized?
  • Tailored for an array of settings like duplex homes, dining areas, or places with expansive ceilings, this lighting fixture enhances the character and atmosphere of any space it occupies. Its design is particularly suited for locales seeking to balance practical illumination with aesthetic appeal, from private residences to upscale commercial venues.
  • What benefits does the adjustable lighting offer in the Modern Gold Long Crystal Hanging Light Fixture?
  • The fixture’s dimmable LED lighting permits seamless transition between lighting intensities and color temperatures, offering users the capacity to fine-tune their environment's ambiance. Whether the aim is to invigorate a room with bright light or establish a tranquil atmosphere with a warm glow, this feature provides substantial control over the lighting's impact on the space.

Length x Width:

6 Lights: 15.35” ( 35 cm ) x 65.78” ( 150 cm ) 

10 Lights: 17.54” ( 40 cm ) x 78.93” ( 180 cm ) 

15 Lights: 21.93” ( 50 cm ) x 87.70” ( 200 cm ) 

20 Lights: 26.31” ( 60 cm ) x 131.55” ( 300 cm ) 

25 Lights: 26.31” ( 60 cm ) x 131.55” ( 300 cm)  

30 Lights: 30.70” ( 70 cm ) x 153.48” ( 350 cm)  

40 Lights: : 35.08” ( 80 cm ) x 175.40” ( 400 cm ) 

50 Lights: 39.47” ( 80 cm ) x 197.33” ( 450 cm ) 

Hanging Wire Size Adjustable

Lighting Area:

15-60 m²

Warranty : 1 years


Light Source: LED Bulbs

Item Type: Ceiling Light, Chandelier

Installation Type: Flush Mount

Base Type:  Wedge

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Lampshade Material: Crystal

Lampshade Color: Gold

Style: Modern Luxury

Is Bulbs Included: Yes

Is Dimmable: Yes


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