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Eli Glass Globes Linear Chandelier For Dining Room

Eli Glass Globes Linear Chandelier For Dining Room

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Eli Glass Globes Linear Chandelier for Dining Room is a sophisticated addition to any modern dining area, designed to combine functionality with artistic flair. This chandelier features a sleek plate available in either white or gray, providing a neutral base that complements a variety of decor themes.

Embodying a modern branch flower style, this chandelier consists of multiple glass globes arranged in a linear formation, each emitting a warm light at 3000k to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The arrangement mimics the natural elegance of blooming flowers, adding a touch of organic beauty to the structured, contemporary design.

Ideal for a range of settings beyond just the dining room, the Eli Chandelier can enhance the ambiance of kitchens, kitchen islands, hotels, restaurants, and bars. Its versatile style and warm lighting make it suitable for both intimate dinners at home and more formal settings in commercial spaces.


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  • What distinctive design features does the Eli Glass Globes Linear Chandelier possess?
  • The Eli Chandelier features a modern branch flower style with multiple glass globes arranged in a linear formation. This design mimics the elegance of blooming flowers, adding organic beauty to its contemporary and structured appearance. The sleek plate, available in white or gray, provides a neutral base that seamlessly complements various interior decor themes.
  • How does the lighting of the Eli Chandelier enhance the dining room ambiance?
  • Each globe of the Eli Chandelier emits a warm light at 3000K, which creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere ideal for dining environments. The warm lighting ensures that the area is bathed in a comfortable glow, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and the functional dining experience.
  • Can you detail the versatility of the Eli Chandelier in terms of installation locations?
  • While designed for modern dining areas, the Eli Chandelier's versatile style and effective lighting also make it suitable for enhancing the ambiance of kitchens, kitchen islands, hotels, restaurants, and bars. Its ability to fit into both intimate and formal settings makes it a preferred choice for a variety of spaces.
  • What are the available lighting options for the Eli Chandelier, and how do they cater to different settings?
  • The Eli Chandelier offers multiple lighting configurations with 6-8-10 lights options. This scalability allows the chandelier to cater to spaces of different sizes and lighting requirements, providing sufficient illumination whether installed in a cozy home dining room or a larger commercial space.
  • What makes the Eli Chandelier a modern yet timeless piece for interior decor?
  • The Eli Chandelier's combination of functional efficiency and artistic flair makes it a modern yet timeless piece. The inclusion of natural elements in its design, such as the flower-like arrangement of globes, adds a unique aesthetic that resonates with both contemporary and traditional decor styles, making it a lasting addition to any interior design.

Length x Width:

6 Lights: 32.89” ( 75 cm ) x 8.77” ( 20 cm ) 

8 Lights: 43.85” ( 100 cm ) x 8.77” ( 20 cm ) 

10 Lights: 52.35” ( 120 cm ) x 8.77” ( 20 cm ) 

Hanging Wire Size Adjustable - 65.78” ( 150 cm ) 

Lighting Area:

15-25 m²

Warranty : 1 years


Light Source: LED Bulbs

Item Type: Ceiling Light, Chandelier

Base Type: G9

Installation Type: Semiflush Mount

Body Material: Metal

Lampshade Material: Glass

Style: Modern  

Is Bulbs Included: Yes

Is Dimmable: No

Usage: Kitchen, Kitchen Island, Dining room, Hotel, Restuarant, Bar


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