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Alessa Portable Waterproof Lawn Solar LED Lamp

Alessa Portable Waterproof Lawn Solar LED Lamp

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Alessa Portable Waterproof Lawn Solar LED Lamp combines modern aesthetics with durable, energy-efficient technology, making it a perfect addition to any outdoor setting. This lamp features a sleek, cylindrical design that complements any landscape, garden, or patio area with its understated elegance.

Equipped with a remote control for ease of use, this 5W LED lawn lamp provides bright, reliable lighting with the added convenience of adjusting settings from a distance. Its excellent IP54 waterproof rating ensures that the lamp is protected against all elements, making it suitable for year-round outdoor use. Constructed from stainless steel, the Alessa Lamp is both anti-corrosion and anti-rust, promising longevity and durability. With low power consumption and a service life of more than 30,000 hours, this solar-powered lamp is not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective.

Simple to install and easy to use, the Alessa Portable Waterproof Lawn Solar LED Lamp is an ideal choice for enhancing the ambiance and security of your outdoor spaces. Whether it's illuminating pathways in a hotel, lighting up landscapes, marking street lights, or accenting gate entrances, this versatile lamp is widely used for both indoor and outdoor lighting and decoration, adding both function and flair to any environment.


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  • What design features make the Alessa Portable Waterproof Lawn Solar LED Lamp stand out?
  • The Alessa Lamp showcases a sleek, cylindrical design that brings understated elegance to any outdoor space. Its modern aesthetics are complemented by a durable stainless steel and PC construction, making it a stylish yet robust addition to landscapes, gardens, or patio areas.
  • How does the remote control enhance the functionality of the Alessa Lawn Lamp?
  • The remote control feature adds a layer of convenience to the Alessa Lawn Lamp, allowing users to easily adjust lighting settings from a distance. This makes it simpler to turn the light on or off and modify settings without needing to physically touch the lamp.
  • What makes the Alessa Lamp suitable for year-round outdoor use?
  • With an IP54 waterproof rating, the Alessa Lamp is designed to withstand the elements, ensuring it is protected against dust and water splashes. This durability makes it suitable for all-season outdoor use, from sunny days to rainy nights.
  • How does the Alessa Lawn Lamp contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability?
  • This solar-powered lamp features a 5W LED with low power consumption and a service life of more than 30,000 hours. By harnessing solar energy for its power needs, the Alessa Lamp reduces electricity use and costs, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution.
  • In what settings can the Alessa Portable Waterproof Lawn Solar LED Lamp be used?
  • The Alessa Lamp is versatile and can be utilized in a variety of outdoor settings. Whether it's for lighting pathways in hotels, accenting landscapes, marking street lights, or illuminating gate entrances, this lamp enhances both the ambiance and security of outdoor spaces such as lawns, patios, pools, gardens, and pathways.

Length x Width:

Small:  7.86” ( 20 cm ) x 11.01” ( 28 cm ) 

Medium: 7.86” ( 20 cm ) x 16.91” ( 43 cm ) 

Large: 7.86” ( 20 cm ) x 28.71” ( 73cm ) 

Warranty : 1 years

Certification : CCC,ce

Base Type: Wedge

Safety Level: IP54 Waterproof

Body Material: Stainless steel+PC

Style: Modern

Body Color: Black

Color temperature: 3000K Warm White

Areas of Use: Outdoor, Lawn, Patio, Pool, Garden,


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