Top Dining Room Lighting Ideas for Special Events

Modern Crystal Rectangular Dining Table Chandelier  Seus Lighting

Most homeowners have limited space. And, the dining room is no longer a room where you just seat and eat. They have evolved to serve more functions than what they were originally intended for. Dining rooms have become intimate spaces where you and your loved ones can catch up and make lifetime memories. So, what do you do to transform this multifunctional space and make it perfect for special occasions? The key is investing in excellent lighting.

In this article, you’ll discover top dining room lighting ideas for your home.

The Perfect Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Room

Proper lighting determines the tone and mood of a space. Whether you’re looking to dine or host a special event, it can instantly elevate your dining room. Here are some amazing lighting ideas that are sure to unleash the beauty of your dining room. Your guests will be in awe.

Install A Chandelier Above Your Dining Table

You can do this if you want to emphasize the dining table as a major focal point in the space. Not only will it serve to provide illumination but it will also act as a statement piece. But, there are some rules to hanging the chandelier.

The chandelier should hang at least 30 inches above the dining table. The light fixture’s circumference shouldn’t be more than two-thirds the width of the dining table. Crystal chandeliers make for an even more glamorous touch due to their reflective power. Be aware that you should also take the room size into account.

Room Size (Feet)

Chandelier Size (Diameter in Inches)

10 x 10 and below

17 to 20

13 x 13 and below

22 to 27

Approximately 14 x 14

24 to 32


Here’s a guide for your ceiling height:

Ceiling Height

Chandelier Height (Inches)

Around 8 feet

30 to 36

Around 10 feet

36 to 42


Pro tip!

Install your chandelier three inches higher for every additional foot of ceiling height.

Stick to Curved Lighting for Round Tables

Modern Ceiling Chandelier Light for Dining Room  Seus Lighting

Round tables can be challenging to style. But, the trick is to work with curved lighting fixtures.  They help create a harmonious blend with the table’s design. Using rectangular or square light fixtures can make the space appear uninviting due to their angular shapes. The lights you install should seamlessly tie to the dining room style for an elegant and classy look.

Integrate Wall Scones

Nellie Crystal wall Lights  Seus Lighting

Layered lighting is essential when trying to brighten up a space and make it warm. Wall scones provide accent light that is vital for focused based tasks in the kitchen. They also add a glow to the room which makes for a more comforting ambiance. You can also use them to highlight décor and fill blank spaces on the wall. Homeowners can choose to match the flight fixtures design to the central light source in the room or select a different style for an eclectic vibe.

Embrace Colorful Lighting

Modern Aqua Blue Glass Chandelier  Seus Lighting

Dining rooms don’t have to be boring. Homeowners can add more character to the space by installing fun pieces’ like this blue glass chandelier or a rustic-themed option that’s bound to leave your guests talking.  Homeowners who want to explore modern lighting options may love this option.

Adopt Vintage Lighting

Vintage Dining Room Light Fixtures  Seus Lighting

This lighting is perfect for homeowners whose dining room style is artistic and décor themed. The light fixtures introduce historic glamour that’s striking yet unique. They create the perfect ambiance for intimate hosting parties and lively celebrations.

Install Flush-Mount Lights

Elizza Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier Seus Lighting

If your home features low ceilings and has limited dining space, this is the best option for you. It provides great ambient lighting and brightens up the space making it appear larger than it is. You can also add a bit of drama to the room with crystal flush-mount chandeliers. They offer the perfect touch of elegance to understated interiors.

Add Linear Lighting Above Long Tables

Peli Modern Linear Kitchen Island Chandelier Black&Gold  Seus Lighting

Linear suspension lighting allows for uniform illumination. This is necessary for longer tables because you need the light to reach everyone in the room. It helps create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. But, for it to work it should cover at least a third of the table’s width. Also, ensure that the ends of the light fixture are at least six inches away from the edge of the table. This allows freedom of movement. You don’t want the light hitting guests as they stand up. Linear lighting fixtures are in trend and are sure to add a luxurious and elegant vibe to your dining space.


How do you select the perfect light for your dining room table?

You should pay attention to the size and shape of the dining table. Also assess how bright you want the space to be, the size of the lighting fixture, the room, and the ceiling height. Remember to avoid placing too many lights as they can cause glare and be too harsh on the eyes. The light you select should also match your dining room style. Lights with dimmer switches are ideal for the perfect mood setting.

What’s the best lighting for a dining room?

This is dependent on your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a chandelier, flush mount, globe, or pendant lights, the options are endless. Just ensure that you consider the dining room size, luminance levels, and your overall style for the perfect dining experience.

How can you illuminate a dining room?

Lighting up your dining room can be a fun DIY project. But, this depends on the room size and atmosphere you want to create. With the plethora of lighting options in the market, there’s an option for every style and budget. But, you must select the right size light fixture for optimal results. An incorrect choice can make the space appear underwhelming or overwhelming. Consult a lighting specialist if unsure of your choice.

Elevate Your Dining Experience With Good Lighting

Your dining room may seem to be out of style. But good lighting may be all it needs. There are several lighting options for your dining room in the market. However, the light you select should match your style and preference. Just pay attention to the factors highlighted in this article so the placement and appearance don’t seem like an afterthought. Your guests should feel the care, time, and attention to detail kept when sprucing up your space. Now, go ahead and enjoy a wholesome hosting experience.

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