Lighting Advice for Homes With High Ceilings

Investing in staircase lighting is one of the most effective ways to transform your stairway. However, incorporating a chandelier in the area involves a delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality. The height at which your light fixture can significantly affect the two principles and potentially impact the overall ambiance. Knowing how to correctly position your staircase lighting is essential in ensuring that your interior design scheme ties together perfectly.

Read on to identify the optimal heights for hanging your staircase chandelier.

How to Determine the Optimal Chandelier Height for Your Staircase

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Staircases are one of the most overlooked areas in a home when it comes to interior lighting. This is quite unfortunate given the safety risks involved. Hanging your staircase chandelier too low can cause obstruction resulting in injury. Meanwhile, hanging it too high can make the space appear dull due to insufficient lighting. Here’s what you should consider when determining the ideal chandelier height for your staircases.

Correctly positioning a chandelier in a staircase is critical not only for aesthetic balance but also for functionality and safety. The chandelier should be high enough to illuminate the area effectively without being a hazard. To find the perfect balance and ensure your staircase is both safe and beautifully lit, visit our staircase chandelier collection at Seus Lighting. Here, you can discover a variety of chandeliers that are specifically designed to enhance the safety and style of staircase areas.

Chandelier Size

Most interior design experts and lighting specialists recommend that larger chandeliers hang higher while smaller light fixtures hang lower. This placement ensures that there’s balance and uniform illumination in the space. However, this can be affected by the size and design of your staircases.

To ensure that your staircase chandelier not only looks good but also functions effectively, it’s important to consider the height and overall scale relative to your staircase. Adjustments might be necessary depending on the ceiling height and the spaciousness of the stairwell. For a comprehensive understanding of how to choose the right size chandelier for your staircase and ensure optimal placement, explore our guide to choosing the right staircase chandelier. This resource offers practical advice tailored to help you achieve both aesthetic appeal and functional lighting.

Consider Your Ceiling Height

Consider Your Ceiling Height

Higher ceilings provide more clearance allowing you to hang your light fixtures lower and choose longer designs. Lower ceilings offer limited space for this and you’ll often have to hang your chandelier lower and go for smaller styles and shapes. Be aware that there should be at least seven feet between your floors and the chandelier’s bottom. Here’s a guide for the ideal chandelier length you should pick depending on the ceiling height.

Ceiling Height (Feet)

Chandelier Height (Inches)


25 to 30


30 to 36


35 to 42


40 to 48


Pro Tip!

The general rule of thumb is that for every foot of ceiling height, you should account for at least 2.5 inches of the chandelier height.

Width of Your Staircase

Width of Your Staircase

As mentioned earlier, your staircase design and size can affect the positioning of your chandelier. If your staircase width is larger, you may need to hang the chandelier lower for optimum illumination. You may also require a larger-sized chandelier in this setting. Meanwhile, a narrow staircase is ideal for higher-hang chandeliers. Here’s a guide to help you select the ideal chandelier size when factoring your staircase width. 

Staircase Length (Feet)

Staircase Width (Feet)

Chandelier Diameter (Inches)











Pro Tip!

The general rule of thumb is that the sum of the length and width of your stairway determine the size of chandelier you should fit for your staircase.

Check the Luminance Level

How much light does your staircase chandelier emit? This is an essential aspect to consider especially if you’ve not incorporated layered lighting in this area. As a primary light source, the chandelier will need to hang lower for illumination. However, if there are other light fixtures in the space, it can be hung higher making for a stunning décor centerpiece for your staircase.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You need to consider how often your chandelier will need cleaning when deciding on the positioning. The height of the light fixture should allow for easy maintenance. Remember, it’s essential to its longevity. Intricate designs like crystals and ornate arms also require more effort. Hanging your staircase chandelier at optimal height will make the cleaning process quick and easy.

Optimal Height for Hanging Chandeliers Over a Stair Landing

The ideal spot to hand your lights in a stairwell is above your staircase landing. This is the area where two stairs merge before changing direction. The staircase landing is typically darker than other areas of the room making it a good spot for installing the light fixture. But, it also provides enough room to accommodate the staircase chandelier.

Interior design experts recommend placing your chandelier at least two feet above your stair landing. However, you should only hang your light fixture over your staircase landing if the ceiling height above it is at least 9 feet high.

Ideal Chandelier Height for Over the Stair Landing

The ideal chandelier length over the staircase landing should have a length of at least 24 inches. Ensuring that the space between the stair landing and your light fixture provides enough room to prevent obstruction. Homeowners whose houses have lower ceilings should opt for other light source options like flush mounts due to the limited space.

Extra Large Chandeliers for High Ceilings  Seus Lighting

For homes with higher ceilings, an extra-large chandelier can be a dramatic addition, enhancing the grandeur of your space while providing necessary lighting. Such fixtures make an impressive statement and can perfectly complement the scale of larger homes. If you are considering this type of lighting solution, explore our selection of extra-large chandeliers for high ceilings at Seus Lighting. Here, you’ll find a variety of designs that are sure to add both elegance and function to your home’s decor.

The Right Chandelier Size for Your Stair Landing

When choosing the proper chandelier size for your staircase landing, you should consider your ceiling height and the width of the area. Be aware that for optimal height placement, ceiling measurements are taken from the landing and not the floor.  

Do’s and Don’ts for Hanging Your Staircase Chandelier

The main function of your light fixture is to provide lighting. For optimum illumination, you need to place the chandelier at optimal height. Here are some things you shouldn’t do when hanging your staircase chandelier:

  • If your staircase is two levels high, your chandelier shouldn’t hang below the standard ceiling height. This means that it shouldn’t go lower than the second floor.
  • For singular staircase levels, your chandelier should hang at least seven feet above the floor. This is primarily done to avoid obstructions that can pose safety risks. You don’t want your guests hitting the light fixture as they move up and down the stairs.
  • Don’t hang the chandelier away from the center if the staircase goes above more than two levels. It should be strategically placed vertically against the window to allow for more natural light. This helps to create a warm and inviting ambiance in the home.
  • Go for multi-tiered chandeliers if the staircase covers multiple floors. This helps you achieve balanced and uniform illumination throughout the space.

Match Your Chandelier Height Placement for the Perfect Ambiance

Most homeowners tend to overlook the need for staircase lighting. But it’s an essential décor element for every space. Understandably, determining the optimal height for installation can be challenging. But, it’s doable. Properly hanging your staircase chandelier involves more than just measurements.

You’ll need to take into account other factors like style and luminance levels. This will ensure that you not only hang the staircase chandelier at an optimal height but also strike an excellent balance between aesthetics and practicality. Don’t just light up your staircase. Transform it into a stunning focal point with a staircase chandelier that speaks to your style and personality.

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