How to Choose a Staircase Chandelier for Industrial Interiors

How to Choose a Staircase Chandelier for Industrial Interiors - Seus Lighting

Have you ever suffered from a staircase fall? Then, you know that it was likely from poor lighting. Installing staircase lights is a great way to highlight your home’s interior design and illuminate the pathway. However, it must complement your décor theme. When it comes to industrial interiors, staircase chandeliers are a perfect of how less isn’t always better. So how do you select a staircase chandelier for an industrial-themed home style?

Keep reading to learn more about what you should consider when choosing a stairwell chandelier for industrial interiors.

Understanding Staircase Chandeliers for Industrial Interiors

When looking to transform your stairway, you should select a chandelier design that blends practicality and aesthetics. Matching your lighting style to your interior décor helps you create a warm and inviting ambiance in the space. Industrial interior light designs primarily feature clean lines, exposed bulbs, and caged, and metallic elements. This means that the staircase chandelier you select should incorporate these finishes. They should feature materials like brass, steel, and iron.

Choosing a Staircase Chandelier for Your Industrial Style Home

Staircases are one of the design elements that help tie your home’s interior décor and style. But, practicality is key. The right staircase lighting should blend well with your interior decoration scheme. Industrial chandelier designs carry subtle styles that make them easy to incorporate in any space. Here are some factors you should consider when selecting a staircase chandelier for an industrial home style.

Chandelier Design

The industrial-style staircase chandelier you choose should work well with your interior design scheme. The durable metal construction is one of the popular features of these light fixtures. If you want to add a touch of drama to the space, copper wire frames are also ideal.

For those looking to complement their industrial decor with appropriate lighting, our chandeliers offer both style and functionality. Featuring robust metal frames and unique designs, these fixtures are perfect for enhancing the rugged elegance of any industrial-themed space. To see our full range of options that pair perfectly with various architectural elements, explore our 16-light round wagon wheel chandelier which brings a blend of traditional and modern aesthetics to your staircase area or any room needing a striking centerpiece.

Chandelier Size

You can make your staircase a stunning focal point in your home. But, you’ll need to install larger chandeliers for this because they help draw the eye upwards and heighten visual appeal. It will also help to highlight your industrial interior décor. Downlight designs are perfect for this aesthetic because they focus more light on the stairway.  Remember to pay attention to the size of the staircase when selecting the light fixture for balance.

For homeowners looking to create a striking impression with their staircase lighting, selecting the right size and style of chandelier is crucial. Larger chandeliers not only enhance the architectural features of your staircase but also complement the overall design theme of your home. To ensure you choose the best chandelier for your space, visit our guide at Seus Lighting's staircase chandelier guide, where you can find detailed advice on how to measure and select the appropriate lighting that balances functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Here’s a guide on selecting your chandelier size:

Staircase Area (Feet)

Chandelier Size (Inches)

8 x 16


9 x 18


10 x 20


12 x 22



Be aware that the chandelier size is primarily factored by the diameter. This is the value represented in inches. It’s a sum of the staircase’s width and length.

Material Finishes

Vintage Round 3 Tier Metal Axis Pendant Chandelier  Seus Lighting

Industrial lighting is better suited for urban interiors. Light fixtures inspired by this décor theme feature natural textured materials. To complement your home’s interior, you’ll need to skip the sleek modern hold finishes and opt for a more rugged look and vibe. Exploring vintage chandelier designs is a good starting point.

Black Accents

A touch of black is the first thing that comes to mind when discussing industrial lighting. The rough and edgy metallic design of these light fixtures complement the raw and warehouse-inspired ambiance of the décor theme. They have without a doubt become synonymous with industrial interiors.

Find a Balance

Rustic 48-inch 2 Tier Wagon Wheel Chandelier  Seus Lighting

Even though industrial interior design is slowly becoming a trend, some homeowners prefer a more muted aesthetic that still speaks to the theme. This is where soft industrial lighting comes in. While they still utilize the same design elements, they incorporate warmer tones like rose gold and copper. When compared to the traditional black and wrought iron finishes, the soft industrial light fixtures help create a more warm and inviting ambiance.

Here are some top staircase chandeliers for an industrial interior:

Top Staircase Chandeliers

Unit Price ($)

Brielle Vintage Drum Chandelier


Extra Large Chandeliers For High Ceilings


Vintage Round 3 Tier Metal Axis Pendant Chandelier


Rustic 48-Inch 2 Tier Wagon Wheel Chandelier


Copper Staircase Indoor Lighting



Why Choose a Staircase Chandelier for Your Home’s Industrial Interior

The lighting option you select for your home must blend well with the interior design. For this reason, an industrial interior works well with industrial lighting. Here’s why you need to buy a staircase chandelier for your home.

Investing in a staircase chandelier not only enhances your interior's aesthetic but also serves as a functional piece that improves visibility. The right chandelier aligns with your home's theme, such as industrial, and can significantly elevate the space's ambiance. For those looking to add a striking and cohesive element to their decor, exploring Seus Lighting's collection of staircase chandeliers provides a variety of options that match well with various interior styles, ensuring you find the perfect fixture to complement your home’s design.


Most homeowners prefer diversity when shopping for light fixtures. In come the chandeliers. Having been around since the 15th century, these light fixtures have evolved to cover different styles, shapes, sizes, and designs making them easy to incorporate into a home with an eclectic vibe. The timeless quality makes them effortless to add to any interior.

Visual Appeal

Chandeliers do well with a variety of interior design schemes. You can mix and match the light fixtures to infuse your personality into the space. The ability of industrial lighting to meet both style and functionality in a space makes it a popular choice for most homeowners.


Are you having a hard time finding a lighting option that suits your industrial interior? Staircase chandeliers are your best bet. They’re easy to blend in any space while still remaining as a stunning focal point for your stairway. The neutral tones and natural textured elements utilized in designing staircase chandeliers ensure that there is uniformity and balance in the space. So, if you’re looking to get a light fixture that meets practicality and aesthetics, this is your go-to option.

Elevate Your Industrial Interior Home Design With Staircase Chandeliers

You’ve set up a beautiful décor scheme in your home and your staircase design looks spectacular. But still, something doesn’t feel right. It may be time to consider your staircase lighting option. Does it fit into your home’s aesthetic? Selecting a chandelier isn’t only about illumination. It should complement your interior décor scheme.

For industrial-styled homes, you should go for industrial lighting elements. They often feature exposed bulbs and natural textured materials like wood and metal. Staircase chandeliers bearing this design help to add an edgy look and feel to the space. Once you incorporate these light fixtures in your stairway, your home will look like an interior designer’s dream set. Happy decorating!

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