What size recessed lights are there for a kitchen?

recessed light kitchen

Recessed lights, also known as downlights or can lights, come in various sizes suitable for kitchen lighting. The size you choose depends on your kitchen's ceiling height, size, and layout, as well as the desired lighting effect. Here are the common sizes for recessed lights in a kitchen:

  1. 4-inch Recessed Lights:

    • Ideal for creating focused lighting or accent lighting.
    • Suitable for lighting over smaller areas like sink or countertop sections.
    • Often used for task lighting.
  2. 5-inch Recessed Lights:

    • A versatile size, balancing between focused and ambient lighting.
    • Good for general lighting in smaller to medium-sized kitchens.
    • Can be used for both task and ambient lighting.
  3. 6-inch Recessed Lights:

    • The most common size for residential recessed lighting.
    • Provides broader light distribution, suitable for general or ambient lighting.
    • Works well in most kitchen sizes, especially for overall illumination.
  4. Larger Sizes (7 inches and up):

    • These sizes are less common in residential kitchens.
    • Best for high ceilings and large spaces where more spread-out, ambient lighting is needed.

When choosing the size, also consider:

  • Ceiling Height: Higher ceilings might require larger lights for adequate illumination.
  • Spacing: Proper spacing is crucial to avoid dark spots or too much brightness. A common rule is to place recessed lights at a distance of approximately half the ceiling height. For example, if your ceiling is 8 feet high, place the lights around 4 feet apart.
  • Type of Bulb and Wattage: LED options are popular due to their energy efficiency and longevity. The brightness and color temperature of the bulbs can also affect the overall feel of the kitchen.
  • Trim Style: The trim of the recessed light can impact the spread of light. Baffle trims are popular for reducing glare, while reflector trims are used for more focused light.
  • Dimming Capability: Having dimmable recessed lights can be beneficial for adjusting the ambiance and intensity of the lighting.

It's advisable to consult with a lighting specialist or an interior designer to determine the best size and layout for your kitchen's specific needs and dimensions.

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